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Now through our amazing, unique and specialized products you can improve your life to the fullest physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  You will find
on this website products from
Crystal Mountain Pendulums which includes Crystal & Gemstone Pendulums and Kits, Brass Metal Pendulums and Kits,
and Crystal & Brass Pendulum Jewelry that both heal and energize.

We offer beautiful handmade Angel Jewelry from Jennie Elizabeth, a 34 year-old jewelry artisan with Down Syndrome at
Jennie's Angel Light Jewelry and
handcrafted Crystal Healing Zodiac Jewelry from
Gemstone Jewelry by L.  

You can also purchase handmade jewelry designs through Clear Visions Gemstone Jewelry which will balance and cleanses your chakras or enhance your
psychic and spiritual abilities. Also available is non-magnetic hematite jewelry by
Just Hematite Jewelry and magnetic-hematite jewelry by Magnetics Energy

You can transform your body, mind and spirit with crystal and color elixir sprays from "Higher Life Essences".  And unique pet products for your Dog or Cat
such as Healing Pet Pendants, and Necklaces from  "I Love My Pet Gemstone Jewelry".  

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Loretta Marie's Specialized Services and Products also offered on this website - see below!!!!

Note: All the products offered below are exclusively sold through this website.
Unique Products to Improve Your Life
Body, Mind & Spirit
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Crystal Mountain Pendulums
Crystal and Gemstone and/or
Brass Metal Pendulums or Kits
from Crystal Mountain Pendulums
Exclusive Collection

Also available are Dual Purpose Chain
and Beaded Pendulum Pendant Necklaces
and Wrist Bracelets.

Choose also
Crystal-Gem C-E-P Washes
with or without Crystal and Gemstone
Pendulum Dowsing Chains
Jennie's Angel Light Jewelry
Handcrafted Jewelry by Jennie
Elizabeth,  a Michigan Jewelry Artisan
with Down Syndrome.

She has Created Chain and Beaded
Necklaces and Chokers, Ankle
and Wrist Bracelets, Dangle and Post
Earrings and Beaded Rings

Also available Chain and Beaded
Key Chains and Key Rings, Book
Marks, Purse Dangles, Zipper Pulls,
Eyeglass/Sunglass Holders
and Car Rosaries
Gemstone Jewelry by L
"The Stones Of Love"
A Collection of Crystal & Gemstone
Jewelry and Polished Stones

Increase Self-Love, Self-Confidence and
Self-Esteem, Increase Romantic Love or
Familial Love, Attract New or Former Lovers
and/or Friends through the power of
The Stones of Love!

Choose Chain and Beaded Chokers,
Necklaces, Ankle Bracelets, Wrist Bracelets
and Dangle & Post Earrings!  Also Crystal &
Gemstone Thumb Stones, Polished Tumbled
Stones or Flat Word Stones!
"I Love My Pet" Crystal Healing Jewelry
Beautiful "I Love My Pet"
Crystal Healing Jewelry

Crystal and Gemstone
Healing and Health Jewelry
for Your Dog, Cat, Fish, Hamster,
Horse and other types of Pets
and Animals

This includes Chain and Beaded
Crystal and Gemstone Pet Pendants,
Dangles, Necklaces, and more
Magnetic Hematite Energy Jewelry
Powerful Magnetic
Hematite Energy Jewelry

Magnetized Hematite Rings, Chain and
Beaded Necklaces, Chokers, Ankle
Bracelets, Wrist Bracelets, Dangle
and Post Earrings

Also available Magnetic Hematite Key
Chain and Key Rings, Book Marks, Purse
Dangles, or Zipper Pulls
Just Hematite Jewelry
Beautiful Non-Magnetic
Hematite Jewelry!

This includes Non-Magnetic Hematite
Plain, Beaded and Decorative Rings.

Non-Magnetic Hematite Chain and Beaded
Necklaces, Chokers, Ankle Bracelets, Wrist
Bracelets, Dangle and Post Earrings

Also available Non-Magnetic Hematite Key
Chain and Key Rings, Book Marks, Purse
Dangles, or Zipper Pulls
"LJ's Books and More
Choose Used Books
Non-fiction and Fiction.

Choose Used Audio-cassette Books
and CD's Non-fiction and Fiction.

Choose E-Bookson PDF CD's and/or
Computer Downloads
Non-fiction Only
Crystallized Hypnosis Programs by ILHC
Programs to change your life
for the better using the power of
crystals and gemstones and T.Hypnosis!

Choose Stop Smoking, Lose Weight,
End Addictions,