All of the Archangel Ariel - Chain and Beaded Chokers have been handcrafted by Jennie Elizabeth, a
jewelry artisan from Michigan.  Because Archangel Ariel energy color is pink all our chain and beaded
chokers have been handcrafted with many pink stones including Rose Quartz Crystals,  Freshwat
Pearls, Seed Beads, Glass Beads, etc. The genuine crystals and gemstones project the powerful
energies of their respective stones.

Archangel Ariel is a beautiful angel who protects and heals all of nature including animals, birds, fish,
insects, reptiles, crystals and gemstones, minerals, etc. that exist on this planet. She diligently
watches over the universe including the Earth and will offer guidance to everyone who seeks to
save this planet and its natural resources.

Wearing any of Archangel Ariel's chokers offers a powerful protective energy field which will give
anyone a feeling of comfort and safety wherever they may go in nature. This includes hiking,
camping, biking, hunting, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, rafting, sailing, rock climbing, horseback riding,
skiing, snowboarding, or any outdoor sport; any thing to do with nature.

She is called the "Angel of the Natural World" and can help anyone, when asked, meet physical and
material needs (food, water, shelter, a healing, etc), and can also attract wealth and abundance
through extraordinary coincidences.  
Chain and Beaded
  "Angel Paths"
Pink Freshwater
Pearls Double
Strand Choker
with Pewter Angel
Neck Size: 17"
      "Angel Roads"
Pink Chain and
Beaded Choker
with Pewter "Faith"
Angel Pendant
Neck Size: 16-1/2"
      "Angel Love"
Rose Quartz Crystal
Chain and Beaded
with Pewter Archangel
Ariel Image Pendant
Neck Size: 15"
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