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Archangel Ariel's
Crystal Healing Dog
Pendants, Necklaces,
Gemstones and Essences
Your dog is not just any animal, he or she is an important parts of your family and is a loving and
caring companion and friend. But just like you he or she can become ill with physical and/or mental

The following unique handcrafted Archangel Ariel's Crystal Healing Dog Pendants, Necklaces,
Gemstones and Essences can help restore your dog's health and well-being each time any of them
are used.  Each has been specifically designed to help your pet become more healthy.

Archangel Ariel is known as the Angel of Nature. She protects and heals the animals, plants and fish of
the world. She can bring health and vitality to your dog by projecting her power and energy through
various crystals and gemstones into your animal's body, mind and spirit. One of her healing
gemstones is called Rose Quartz.

Rose Quartz is worn to strengthen the heart muscles and circulatory systems and soothe burns and
sore spots on your dog's body while healing them more quickly. This stone also helps heal kidney
disease, stomach cramps, intestinal problems and can get rid of small worms.  If you animal has had a
recent operation this crystal with Archangel Ariel's help heals your animal faster. If your dog is a
rescue animal this stone will help heal the emotional wounds from abuse and while teaching the
animal to forgive, being more tolerant, and to be more gentle.

Also it you are adding a new pet into your home, this gemstone will help distribute your love equally
and facilitate harmony among all the animals. It is recommended in this situation to have (1) each
animal wear either a Archangel Ariel's dog pendant or necklace, (2) place a number of gemstones
around your home or (3) use Archangel Ariel's Rose Quartz Crystal Healing Essences.

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  Archangel Ariel's
Rose Quartz
Crystal Healing
Clip-on Dog Pendants

Offered in Different
Styles and Sizes

Includes a "Love My Dog"
Pewter Heart Charm

All Are Custom Made!
      Archangel Ariel's
Rose Quartz Crystal Healing
Chain and Beaded Dog
Pendant Necklaces

Available in Different Styles
and Sixteen Neck Sizes

Each Necklace Includes a "Love
My Dog"  Pewter Heart Charm

All Are Custom Made!
      Archangel Ariel's
Rose Quartz Crystal
Healing Gemstones Kits
"Laying on of Stones"

Three Different Size
Rose Quartz Crystal
Gemstone Kits for Your Dog

Also Available is September
Three Different Rose Quartz
Crystal Healing Gemstone
  Archangel Ariel's
Rose Quartz Crystal
Healing Essences
"Angels of healing"