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Do You Have Health Problems?  Is There Any Method that You Can Do to Become Successfully
Healthy and Well Again--Body, Mind & Spirit? Yes!

For countless generations these and many more questions about health and well-being have
been asked and answered by Spiritual Teachers, Shamans and Healers who teach and use many
different methods of healing; each one being successful in their own way.

However, the most successful method of healing that has stood the test of time throughout
history, is the use of specifically shaped and colored Crystals and Gemstones. These special
crystals possess unique healing properties and vibrations that not only can change the energies
and frequencies in the body, mind and spirit but also can re-balance it toward health and well

We offer you here today our method of healing -- a "Believe" Banded Agate Crystal Healing Single
Chain Pendulum Pendant Necklace. The Banded Agate Crystal Healing Pendulum in this necklace
will promote healing for the following health issues: allergies, skin diseases, problems with bone
marrow, reproductive and fertility difficulties, diseases of the female organs, disorders of the
eyes especially night vision and conjunctivitis, dementia, senility, and alzheimer's disease.

The Crystal Healing Single Chain Pendulum Pendant Necklace has a genuine 6-faceted Banded
Agate Crystal Point Pendulum which measures between 1" and 1-1/4" in length. The crystal
healing pendulum is attached to an 18" Silver-plated Ball Chain Necklace with a "Believe" round
silver-plated Charm. It is then connected to a silver-plated lobster clasp and ring with 2-1/2"
extension chain and metal bead.

This "Believe" Banded Agate Crystal Healing Single Chain Pendulum Pendant Necklace would
make a great Birthday, Holiday and Special Gift for either yourself, a friend or family member.

Note: Before being shipped the Banded Agate Crystal Pendulum in this necklace will be cleansed
and energized with Mystic-Spirit Banded Agate Crystal Pendulum C-E Spray for optimal use.

When shipped your "Believe" Banded Agate Crystal Healing Single Chain Pendulum Pendant
Necklace will be packaged in a lovely gift box with a "Free" brocade storage pouch and reference

Customers from the United States and its territories can purchase this beautiful "Believe"
Banded Agate Crystal Healing Single Chain Pendulum Pendant Necklace immediately by using
Paypal's "Add to Cart" buttons displayed above.

You can also call or email us your order using your Credit/Debit card (Visa, Master Card, American
Express, Discover  Card). Or you can use the US Mail for both credit card and check payments.
  • For telephone orders, please call (248) 852-0126, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST, Monday thru Friday.
  • To order by US Mail, use our special US Mail Order Form
  • To Email your order, use our special Email Order Form.  Upon receipt of your email order a
    Crystal Mountain Pendulums' Representative will contact you within 24 hrs for your
    credit/debit card information and the grand total of your purchase.

*International customers are advised not to use "Add to Cart" button;
click here for international
email order form. International customers can also purchase through The Inner Light Shoppe's
Ebay store that has international shipping.

It is also highly recommended that you cleanse and energize your crystal healing pendulum
designed in this necklace every seven to ten days. We offer
Mystic-Spirit Crystal Pendulum C-E
Spray which will remove any negative energies and vibrations that have accumulated on and in
your crystal healing pendulum.

Note: Wearing a "Believe" Banded Agate Crystal Healing Single Chain Pendulum Pendant
Necklace makes a great adjunct to any allopathic, homeopathic or holistic program and
does not replace or negate any type of medical treatment.
Banded Agate
Crystal Pendulum
C-E Spray
Cleanses and Energizes
Your Banded Agate
Crystal Pendulum
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