Hematite is known throughout the world not only for its beauty but also for its power and energy. The special and unique
properties of Hematite make it a great gemstone for handcrafting into either crystal beads for jewelry or power rings.

Through a mystical experience, Loretta Marie, a Crystal and Color Therapist, Healer, Author and Teacher, received special
information about the amazing properties of hematite and how to both encode (program) it for specific purposes and how to
activate these codes for maximum effect.

With this information, Loretta Marie has programmed all the Hematite Power Rings on this website with one of three different
alpha-numerical sequences.  They are:
Level 1- Body Health which increases your body's ability to heal specific health problems,
Level 2-- Mental Health which will improve your mental acuity and heal emotional problems, and Level 3 -
 Spiritual Health which
increases grounding and meditative abilities, enhances spiritual connection
, and helps heal both the chakras and subtle energies

The Hematite Power Rings listed here are 4mm Flat Style - Level 2 - Mind Health
only.  However, before you purchase your Hematite
Power Ring there are four important secrets that you need to know. These secrets were also revealed to Loretta Marie
in her mystical experience.

  • The first secret is to always choose a Hematite Power Ring that is connected to your special purpose at this time in             
    your life. You have chosen Level 2 - Mind Health which will improve your mental acuity and heal emotional problems.   A
    comprehensive list is provided at the bottom of page.
  • The second secret to wearing a Hematite Power Ring is to know which finger on which hand does your ring need to be  
    placed for the specific purpose you are seeking.  Each finger and both hands have special properties connected to the body,
    the mind and the spirit. So knowing the right one is paramount to your success.
  • The third secret to wearing a Hematite Power Ring is to know how to activate the ring’s amazing powers and abilities once
    you put it on.  There is a special procedure you need to follow to power-up and turn-on the alpha-numerical sequence  
    encoded in your specific ring.
  • The fourth secret to wearing a Hematite Power Ring is to always keep it cleansed and energized before placing it on the
    appropriate hand and finger. Keeping it this way avoids negative influences and energies from overshadowing your ring's
    power and energy. This exercise should be done every 7 to 10 days.

The Hematite Power Rings - 4mm Flat - Level 2 - Mind Health listed here make a great birthday, holiday and special occasion
gift for yourself or a loved one.  The ring is approximately 1/8"+/- in width and is non-magnetic. When shipped your chosen ring
will be packaged in a beautiful ring box with each of the following:

  • A one ounce bottle of Mystic-Spirit Hematite Cleansing and Energizing Gemstone Spray
  • A print out of the comprehensive list of Level 2 - Mind Health Problems as shown below
  • A chart of what hand choices and finger placements is best for your Hematite Power Ring - Level 1 - Body Health
  • A guide on how to activate your Hematite Power Ring’s alpha-numerical sequence for maximum benefit.
  • A reference guide on how to use the special cleansing and energizing Hematite spray correctly.

Note: When activated your Hematite Power Ring will project approximately two feet of energy and power in every direction. To
extend this energy pattern beyond two feet you can wear multiple Level 2 - Mind Health rings on different fingers or the same finger.

FYI: The special alpha-numerical sequence that are encoded into the Hematite Power Rings Level 1 - Body Health are permanently
 Also note because of the way Hematite Power Rings are made they have a tendency to crack or break if dropped or
banged against any hard surface. So please use caution when putting on or taking off your ring.

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The Hematite Power Ring - Level 2 - Mind Health will increase your mind's ability for mental acuity and heal specific emotional
problems. The following is a
comprehensive list of choices:

Hematite is called the stone of the mind and helps mental attunement and capabilities; it enhances original thinking; it will helps
increase your capability for technical knowledge; it assists in the development of both mental and manual dexterity; it improves
your memory, mental focus, and concentration; it increase mathematical prowess and pursuits; and effectively increase the logical
processes of the brain; it also strengthens one's power of self-control; and helps one sort out things logically in your mind.

It also encourages one to reach for the stars in all endeavors; it helps one realize you can overcome any self-limiting thoughts and
concepts; it stimulates and facilitates the desire for peace, self-control and inner happiness; and  it helps one find your own gifts
while releasing self-imposed limitation.

Hematite increases self-confidence, self-worth, and self-assuredness;  calms angry feelings and thoughts bringing peace and
tranquility to the Mind; it helps to eliminate nervous (mental) conditions; it helps with panic and hysteria when in a group situation
and/or when in any type of closed environment such as an elevator;  it will help focus energy and emotions between the body, mind
and spirit;  and help one enter into loving relationships with an open mind without judgement.

It also helps to absorb negative energy and calms you in times of stress or worry;  helps with focusing of energies especially
in legal situations; defuses anger and releases negative feelings and emotions; it emotionally helps one to become more dynamic
and full of life; it boosts the will power needed to cure yourself and provides the inner strength to cope with life; it increases
courage in all situations; and gives inner strength to survive.
4mm Flat Style
Level 2 - Mind Health
Level 2
Mind Health
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