The gemstone Hematite is known throughout the world not only for its beauty but also for its great healing abilities, power and
energy. However, when Hematite is transformed into a beautiful ring, it can take on even more special healing properties.
Through years of research I have discovered that Hematite has seventy-five different healing properties.

Twenty-six of its healing properties will increase your body’s ability to heal specific physical health problems and issues; twenty-
healing properties will increase your mind’s ability to heal emotional problems and improve mental acuity, and twenty-one
healing properties will enhance spiritual connections, expand meditative abilities, and heal your chakras and subtle bodies.

Hi! My name is Loretta Marie and I am a Crystal and Color Therapist, Healer, Author and Teacher. After discovering what these
seventy-five extraordinary healing properties were, I then decided to give each of the healing properties a unique alpha-
numerical code so that specific health issues and problems can be healed directly when wearing a Hematite Power Ring or
Jewelry Design.

You can choose today a Hematite Power Ring that is embedded with alpha-numerical codes for:
  • Body Health has 26 healing properties for physical healing,
  • Mind Health has 28 healing properties for emotional healing and to improve mental acuity,
  • Spirit Health has 21 healing properties for enhancing spiritual connections, expanding meditative abilities and to heal your
    chakras and subtle bodies

Note: If you choose, you can wear any of my beautiful Hematite Power Rings without activating these embedded codes. The
Hematite Ring will still project an overall energy and powerful vibrations that heals.  I have chosen to call this type of healing a
Level One.

However, if you do decide to activate any of the different embedded alpha-numeric codes for each type of Hematite Power Ring
you will receive a powerful healing energy that is five times stronger than just wearing the hematite itself.  I have chosen to call
this type of healing a
Level Two.

when you purchase any of my Hematite Power Rings you will automatically receive a Reference Guide with the embedded
alpha-numeric codes for the type of Hematite Ring you have chosen: Body Health (physical), Mind Health (emotional) and Spirit
Health (spiritual). Each ring will be shipped in a beautiful gift box and includes complete instructions on how to activate each

Also while doing my research I discovered that when you wear a coded Hematite Power Ring on a particular hand and finger or
thumb, the power of the hematite ring is increased ten times the ring's normal energy level. I have chosen to call this type of
healing a
Level Three.

with your purchase of any of my Hematite Power Rings you will also receive a second Reference Guide which will list all
designated hand and finger or thumb placements for each type of healing: physical, mental or spiritual.

Click here for a complete list of Hematite's Healing Properties.

You can begin your journey of health and well-being by choosing either a flat type, dome or faceted band ring:
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