Use Hematite's Extraordinary Healing Abilities and Power to Increase Your Mind's Ability to Heal Any of
the following Emotional Problems or Issues and/or to Improve Mental Acuity:

Mind Health #1: Helps Mental Attunement and Capabilities.

Mind Health #2: Helps Enhance Original Thinking.

Mind Health #3: Helps Increase Your Capacity for Technical Knowledge and Insight.

Mind Health #4: Assists in the Development of both Mental and Manual Dexterity.

Mind Health #5: Improves Short and Long Term Memory.

Mind Health #6: Helps You Sort Out and Organize Things Logically in Your Mind.

Mind Health #7: Helps Encourage You to Reach for Your Goals and the Stars in all Endeavors.

Mind Health #8: Helps You Realize that You can Overcome any Self-limiting Thoughts, Feelings and/or Beliefs.

Mind Health #9: Helps Stimulate and Facilitate the Desire for Peace, Inner Happiness and Self-control in Life.

Mind Health #10: Helps You to Increase Your Talents and Abilities while Releasing You from Self-imposed Limitations and Liabilities.

Mind Health #11: Helps Increase Self-confidence, Self-worth and Self-assuredness.

Mind Health #12: Calms Angry Feelings and Thoughts Bringing Peace and Tranquility to the Mind.

Mind Health #13: Helps to Eliminate Nervousness and Soothes any Mental Condition.

Mind Health #14: Calms the Mind when Experiencing either a Panic Attack or Hysteria when in a Group Situation and/or in a Closed
Environment such as an Elevator.

Mind Health #15: Helps Focus Energy and Emotions between the Body and Mind.

Mind Health #16: Helps to Improve All Around Mental Focus and Clarity in any Situation.

Mind Health #17: Helps to Improve Concentration and Memory especially for Tests, Quizzes, Job Interviews, Public Speaking, etc.

Mind Health #18: Helps to Improve Mathematical Prowess and Coding Abilities.

Mind Health #19: Helps to Effectively Increase the Logical Processes of the Brain.

Mind Health #20: Strengthens Your Will Power and Determination when Eliminating Negative Habits and/or Addictions while
Increasing Self-control of Negative Emotions such as Anger and Fear.  

Mind Health #21: Helps You Enter into a Loving Relationship with an Open Mind without Preconceived Judgments.

Mind Health #22: Helps to Absorb Negative Energies while Calming You Times of Extreme Stress and Worry.

Mind Health #23: Helps with the Focusing of Energies especially when Faced with Legal Situations and Choices.

Mind Health #24: Helps to Defuse Anger and Release Pent-up Negative Feelings, Thoughts and Emotions.

Mind Health #25: Helps You Emotionally to Become More Dynamic and Full of Life.

Mind Health #26: Helps You Boost Your Will Power and Energies to Heal Yourself Mentally and Emotionally while Providing the Inner
Self with Strength to Cope with Life on Your Terms.

Mind Health #27: Helps to Increase Courage and Bravery in All Stressful Situations and Circumstances.

Mind Health #28: Helps Give Inner Strength to Survive Life’s Problems and Issues with both Joy and Happiness.