Use Hematite's Extraordinary Healing Abilities and Power to Increase Your Body's Ability to Heal Any of
the following Physical Problems and Issues

Body Health #1: Helps with the following Sleep Difficulties: Insomnia, Sleeplessness, Sleep Disturbances, Nightmares, and/or Night

Body Health #2: Helps with the following Addictions: Smoking, Drugs, Alcohol and/or Eating Disorders.

Body Health #3: Helps Relieve Back Spasms and Pain.

Body Health #4: Helps Relieve Hip Joint and Muscle Pain.

Body Health #5: Helps Eliminate Leg Cramps.

Body Health #6: Helps Eliminate Menstrual Cramps.

Body Health #7: Helps Cleanse and Heal Kidney Problems and Diseases.

Body Health #8: Helps Cleanse and Heal Bladder Problems and Diseases.

Body Health #9: Helps Speed up the Mending of Broken and Fractured Bones.

Body Health #10: Helps to Prevent and Control Excessive Bleeding of Wounds including the Hemorrhaging of the Nose, Eyes, and in
the Birthing Process.

Body Health #11: Helps Treat Anemia, Strengthens the Blood and Improves Assimilation of Iron from the Diet.

Body Health #12: Assists with Blood Clotting Issues such as ITP.

Body Health #13: Helps to Detoxify the Liver and Blood.

Body Health #14: Helps Energize, Vitalize and Improve the Oxygen to the Body.

Body Health #15: Gives a Grounding Effect that will Protect you from Overwhelming Shock to the System from Trauma and Fright.

Body Health #16: Protects You from Geopathic Stress and Electromagnetic Smog while using Electronic Devices. It will also Help
with the Stresses and Strains of Difficult Life Situations.

Body Health #17: Helps with Circulation Problems by Enhancing Blood Flow and Blood Quality that will Speed up Circulation.

Body Health #18: Helps with Inflammation, Leg Ulcers and Tissue Healing.

Body Health #19: It Stabilizes Blood Pressure for both Low and High Pressure.

Body Health #20: Helps with Intestinal Issues such as Bleeding and/or Sluggishness which can cause Reduced Absorption of

Body Health #21: Helps with Migraines and Headaches especially if they occur with Feelings of Weakness.

Body Health #22: Helps to Draw out and Remove Illness from the Body, Hasten Recovery and the Healing Process while Boosting
Physical Vitality.

Body Health #23: Helps the Body Remain Cool and Dispels Heat at the Physical Level such as with a High Fever.

Body Health #24: Assist with Spinal Alignment of the Vertebrae.

Body Health #25: Helps with Balance and Equilibrium.

Body Health #26: Assist the Healing of Neurological Disorders, Multiple Sclerosis, etc. It also increases Strength while Fighting
against Lethargy and Tiredness.

List of Body Health Healing Information are Copyright 1993-2019 - Loretta Marie's Mystic Treasures