Hematite is known throughout the world not only for its beauty but also for its power and energy. You
would choose to purchase any of these Hematite Rings because you would like the maximum amount of
abilities, energies and powers from this particular gemstone.

This would include the following:
(a) grounding and protective abilities,
(b) improves memory, mental focus, and concentration,
(c) increases mathematical prowess,
(d) increases feelings of self-confidence, self-worth, and self-assuredness,
(e) neutralizes negativity while calming angry feelings and thoughts,
(f)  brings peace and tranquility to the Mind, Body, and Spirit,
(g) aids meditation practices while increasing the higher pathways to overall enlightenment,
(h) assists in sleep difficulties such as insomnia and night terrors,
(i)  helps to reconnect the male and female energies together, and
(j)  increases the logical processes of the Brain.

These are
Non-Magnetic Hematite Rings and are available in Flat, Dome, and Faceted styles. You can
purchase a single ring or sets of three.

Approximate widths in inches are as follows:
  • 4mm Hematite Rings are 1/8"+/-
  • 6mm Hematite Rings are 1/4"+/-

Before being shipped your hematite will be cleansed, energized and programmed for healing with
Mystic-Spirit Hematite C-E-P Spray. It is then packaged in a lovely ring box with a Reference Guid on
how to take care of your hematite ring for your maximum benefit.

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  4mm Dome Style
Crystal Healing
Hematite Rings
      4mm Flat Style
Crystal Healing
Hematite Rings
      4mm Faceted Style
Crystal Healing
Hematite Rings
  6mm Dome Style
Crystal Healing
Hematite Rings
      6mm Flat Style
Crystal Healing
Hematite Rings
      6mm Faceted Style
Crystal Healing
Hematite Rings