These beautifully handmade crystal and gemstone thumb stones are concave on one side and flat on
the other and are made in both small  and small-medium sizes. They are called "thumb stones" because
you can easily place your thumb on the concaved side and rub it with your thumb to receive a burst of
extra energy and/or to soothe the Body, Mind, and Spirit in stressful times. They are usually carried in
the pocket or purse. They are also called "worry" stones.

You can use your crystal and gemstone thumb stone for: (1) Doing Meditation or Visualization Practices, (2)
Channeling Reiki Energies, (3) Projecting Healing Energy while either Carrying in Your Pocket or Purse or
Placing it Next to You on a Desk or End Table, or (4) While Doing Body Layouts for both Energy Healing
and/or Balancing and Cleaning the Chakras.

The Carnelian Thumb Stone also promotes peace and harmony while dispelling negative thoughts and
feelings that may accompany depression. It also protects against the fears and rage of others, produce
inspirational thoughts and assist in theatrical pursuits.

Your Carnelian "Healing Energy" Thumb Stone will be cleansed and energized with Loretta Marie's
Crystal and Gemstone C-E Spray and then packaged in a colorful brocade storage pouch with a "Free"
Reference Guide which explains how to care for it. The Carnelian Thumb Stone is
1-1/2" x 1-1/4".

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"Healing Energy"
Thumb Stone
Large Size

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