These beautiful inspirational word stones have been hand engraved with a special word. Choose one or
many to place on a your desk or dresser for energy and protection. You can also use them for meditation,
healing; or as a palm or worry stone to be carried in your pocket or purse.

Green Aventurine Engraved Word Stone (Creativity) strengthens your will power and brings a sense of
purpose to your life. It also dispels anxiety and fear, increases creativity in the arts, and removes negative
thoughts and vibrations.

The Dark Green Aventurine Engraved Word Stone (Inspire) promotes relaxation, removes stress, and
increases the capability to activate memories of past events from your present life that will help you to
resolve old issues and traumas. It also brings
understanding to what goals and direction you life needs to
go while increasing leadership qualities.

The Peach Aventurine Engraved Word Stone (Grow) helps you to set goals of creativity for artistic
endeavors such as writing, music, and acting. It also clarifies major family decisions, and offers direction for
life decisions.

Before being shipped your Engraved Word Stone Set will be cleansed and energized for immediate use with
Loretta Marie's Crystal & Gemstone Word Stones Spray!

Your crystal and gemstone engraved word stone set will then be packaged in a brocade storage pouch with
a "Free" Reference Guide which explains how to care for them.

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