The tarot is seventy-eight ancient and mystical cards that have the power to answer questions about
your past, present and future. One of the most ancient methods of divination, it assist us in
understanding issues that affect our lives from a very deep level. It is believed that the cards are
chosen by the inner subconscious mind. They are read by those that have an understanding of their
meaning like a story, a story about you.

These cards reveal to the seeker vital answers to questions concerning his or her past, present and
future. Through these answers the seeker can make the right decisions and choices for his or her
betterment both on the physical and psychic plane.

Seeking answers through the tarot is similar to going down a long, dark road. At the end of the road you
see a fork that goes to the right, to the left and straight ahead. Which road (choice) do you take. The
tarot which places you above each road showing you your destination, who you will meet, and what
obstacles you make. Even you decide to make no choice that is still a choice-a decision to let others
control you.

By seeking a tarot card consultation you are opening yourself up to a wealth of information. Information
that you can use to solve problems and answer questions and concerns that you are having. Find out
today the answers to your many puzzling and confusing questions.

Loretta Marie will use her unique mystical abilities and talents to help you know the answers concerning
your health, career, money, relationships, and much much more. She will also help you understand
information your personal and spiritual growth.

The future is fluid is moves like a river. Know and understand your future so that you can change it for
the better today!  Knowing the future you can make the necessary changes for your success in life.

Choose the type of Mystic Divination using Tarot Cards that you are seeking from the list below. You can
seek to find answers to important questions from one or more categories. Each consultation is only
25.00 for three questions.  All readings will be answered by email within 36 to 48 hours.. Click below on
your selection below. You will be directed to a submission form and then a payment page.
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Tarot Cards

Answers to Questions
about Money Issues.
Financial Problems, and
Investment Decisions
      CATEGORY 2
Tarot Cards

Answers to Questions
about Intimate
Relationship Issues,
Love Choices and
Marriage Problems
      CATEGORY 3
Tarot Cards

Answer to Questions
about Problems with
Your Friends and/or
Family Members
      CATEGORY 4
Tarot Cards

Answers to Questions
about Your Career and
Job Issues, Problems
or Choices
Tarot Cards

Answers to Questions
about Your Nutritional
Health including the
choosing of Vitamins,
Minerals, Herbs, etc
      CATEGORY 6
Tarot Cards

Answers Questions
about School Issues
and/or Educational
      CATEGORY 7
Tarot Cards

Answer to Questions
about the Health and
Well-being of Your
Family Pet (s)
      CATEGORY 8
Tarot Cards

Answers to  Questions
about Health Problems
and Issues of Yourself
or a Family Member
Tarot Cards

Answers to Questions
about Your Business
including Money
Problems, Employee
Issues, etc.
      CATEGORY 10
Tarot Cards

Answers to Questions
about Missing People
and Pets or Lost
Documents and Things