It is highly recommended by Loretta Marie, a Crystal and Color Healer and Therapist that you should
use some sort of protective energy when dowsing with any type of crystal and gemstone pendulum.
The reason being that negative influences and certain types of vibrations can affect both you and
the answers you receive when dowsing with a crystal pendulum.

Loretta Marie has formulated this remarkable Mystic-Spirit Crystal Pendulum Body Spray to protect
you when dowsing with your Crystal and Gemstone Pendulum for any purpose--Querying, Divination,
Chakras, Past Lives, etc. You no longer need to let fear, worry or apprehension of experiencing
anything negative from preventing you from seeking the answers you need and want.

Mystic-Spirit Crystal Pendulum Protection Body Spray was designed to add both a positive and
protective energy shield (force field) around your body fifteen in all directions. This energy field
keeps you safe and secure from any and all negative energies, feelings, thoughts, and vibrations
while adding an additional layer of protection for your aura which prevents negative influences
(spirits) from invading your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Note: It has been especially formulated to be used before you begin dowsing with your crystal and
gemstone pendulum and has been made with natural spring water which has been infused with the
harmonized essences of programmed protective crystals and gemstones and the powers of the sun
and moon energies. The energy field from this protective body spray will last for up to four hours.

When shipped this protection body spray will be packaged in a 1 fluid oz (30 ml) blue bottle and
includes a “Free” reference guide with easy-to-follow instructions for maximum success.

Mystic-Spirit Crystal Pendulum Protection Body Spray makes a great birthday, holiday or special
occasion gift for anyone who uses a crystal and gemstone pendulum including yourself, a friend or
family member.

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