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March 21 to April 19

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All crystals and gemstones have special and unique properties that can be used in divination, chakra cleansing, healing, past lives
discovery, finding lost items, and much much more.  All "That's Me" Lucky Pisces Zodiac Crystal Jewelry are custom made and have
been designed with Aries' "lucky crystals and gemstones" and programmed for specific purposes.

Through a mystical experience, Loretta Marie, a Crystal and Color Therapist, Healer, Author and Teacher, received special
instructions on how to encode certain crystals and gemstones for different purposes. She also received information on how to         
make a special activation spray that turns on these codes.

Loretta Marie has encoded all lucky crystals and gemstones of 'That's Me" - Lucky Aries Zodiac Crystal Jewelry with five special
numerical sequences that will
increase your odds of winning at "Games of Chance".   Included with every piece of jewelry you
purchase you will also receive one "Free" 1oz bottle of Mystic-Spirit Activation Body Spray of your choice, Formula 1, 2, 3, 4
or 5 and a "Free" Reference Guide.

Mystic-Spirit Activation Body Sprays are as follows:
  Formula 1 is for all Casino games with the exception of cards.
Formula 2  is for Card games such as Poker, Texas Hold em, etc.
Formula 3 is for Sports games such as Baseball, Football, etc.
Formula 4 is for betting on Racing events such as Horses, Dogs, etc, and
Formula 5 is when you play any type of Lottery games such Daily  Numbers, Powerball, Mega Millions, Keno, etc.  
  All activation sprays can be purchased separately.

You begin the process 15 minutes before playing your particular "Game of Chance":
  (1) Spray your choice of Loretta Marie's Mystic Activation Body Spray on either your ankles, wrists, neck, ears, or fingers.
  (2) Then immediately put on your beautiful "That's Me"- Lucky Aries Zodiac Crystal Jewelry that you have purchased.
  (3) Activation occurs instantly and will begin to project an energy field around your body that will last for up to 4 hours.
  You can repeat the spray once more within a 24 hour period.
  (4) Only one type of activation spray can be used at a time. You cannot mix activation sprays. To switch to another     
  formula you will need to wait 24 hours.

All Lucky Zodiac Crystal Jewelry has been handcrafted and designed to
increase your odds of winning at "Games of Chance".  
Results vary person to person, game to game, and day to day.

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to email us using a special email order form.  Upon receipt of your order a Loretta Marie's Mystic Treasures' Representative will
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*International customers are advised not to use "Add to Cart" buttons;
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customers can also purchase through The Inner Light Shoppe's Ebay store that has international shipping.

Please Note: With every  purchase there will be a one-time standard handling fee charge of $2.50 which will be added to your
Shipping Fee whether you buy one or many items

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