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Crystal Mountain Pendulums which includes Crystal & Gemstone Pendulums and Kits and Brass Metal Pendulums and Kits,
and much more!

We offer beautiful handmade Angel Jewelry from Jennie Elizabeth, a 34 year-old Michigan Jewelry Artisan at
Guardian Angel ProtectionJewelry by Jennie

You can also purchase handmade jewelry designs through "Love is the Answer" Crystal Jewelry and non-magnetic hematite jewelry by Just Hematite Jewelry or
magnetic-hematite jewelry by Magnetics Energy Jewelry.

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Crystal Mountain Pendulums
Crystal and Gemstone
and Brass Metal Pendulums,
Kits and Jewelry!

Choose either Crystal and Gemstone
Pendulums or Brass Metal Pendulums. Also
Conversion Kits, Accessory Kits, and
Chain and Beaded Necklaces.

Choose also
Crystal-Gem Pendululm Sprays
to keep your Crystal or Brass Metal
Pendulum cleansed, energized and
programmed for optimal use
Guardian Angel Protection Jewelry by Jennie
Specifically Designed and Handcrafted
Guardian Angel Protection Jewelry

Each Chain and Beaded Guardian Angel
Necklaces and Chokers, Ankle and
Wrist Bracelets, Dangle and Post Earrings,
and More has been Designed and
Handcrafted by Jennie So That Your
Guardian Angel Protects You When:
(1) Traveling by Air, Sea, Train,  Car, Truck,
ATV, Motorcycle, Bus, RV, or Land;
(2) In the Military, Coast Guard, Police
or Fire Services;
(3) Participating in Sporting Events
"Love is the Answer" Crystal Jewelry
Crystal Jewelry That Increases
Self-Love, Romantic Love and Passion
and/or Familial Love and Much More!

Choose Chain and Beaded Chokers,
Necklaces, Ankle Bracelets, Wrist Bracelets
and Dangle & Post Earrings, Crystal &
Gemstone Stones, and Crystal Essence
Body Sprays and Bath Washes
" Love My Pet" Crystal & Gemstone Healing Jewelry
Crystal and Gemstone Healing Jewelry
for Health and Healing
for Your Pet!

This includes Chain and Beaded
Crystal and Gemstone Pet Pendants,
Dangles, Necklaces, and more
Crystal Healing Jewelry Designs
"That's My Sign" Zodiac Jewelry & Incenses
"Just for Men" Jewelry Designs
Magnetic Hematite Energy Jewelry
Powerful Magnetic
Hematite Energy Jewelry

Magnetized Hematite Rings, Chain and
Beaded Necklaces, Chokers, Ankle
Bracelets, Wrist Bracelets, Dangle
and Post Earrings

Also available Magnetic Hematite Key
Chain and Key Rings, Book Marks, Purse
Dangles, or Zipper Pulls
Just Hematite Jewelry
Beautiful Non-Magnetic
Hematite Jewelry!

This includes Non-Magnetic Hematite
Plain, Beaded and Decorative Rings.

Non-Magnetic Hematite Chain and Beaded
Necklaces, Chokers, Ankle Bracelets, Wrist
Bracelets, Dangle and Post Earrings

Also available Non-Magnetic Hematite Key Chain
and Key Rings, Book Marks, Purse Dangles, or
Zipper Pulls