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side, flat on the other, and is approximately 1-1/4" x 1" in size. It is sometimes called a "thumb stone"
because you can easily place your thumb on the concaved side and rub it with your thumb to receive a
burst of extra energy and/or to soothe the Body, Mind, and Spirit in stressful times. It is usually carried
in the pocket or purse.

This Worry Power Stone can also be used in any type of meditation practice and/or for channeling
Reiki energy. Its unique design (flat on one side) is wonderful for body layouts when doing either
energy healing or balancing and clearing the chakras.

You will receive your Worry Power Stone packaged in a beautiful gift box with a
"Free" reference
guide on how to cleanse, balance and energize your Worry Stone for optimal use.

You would choose a Snow Quartz
Worry Power Stone because it promotes relaxation and releases
stress. It also enhances concentration and cooperation especially when conducting work training

This stone is beneficial to the immune system and is great for treating all types of infections external
and internal.  It is also helpful for skin allergies, rashes, bumps, and bruises

Before being shipped your worry power stone will be cleansed and energized for immediate use with
Crystal-Gem Cleansing & Energizer Spray for Crystal & Gemstone Power Stones.  This spray is exclusively
prepared for Loretta Marie Products by Higher Life Essences.

Your crystal and gemstone worry power stone will then be packaged in a beautiful Gift Box with a
"Free" Reference Guide which explains how to care for your it. As no two stones are alike there may
be variations in size and color to the stones shown.

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